To become a member of the Torch Lake Yacht and Country Club, you must apply for membership.

The following documents describe the process required to become an Introductory Member of TLYCC and includes the various forms required. You can apply online by using the links below.  If needed, you can download the PDFs which can be filled out from your PC and then printed so they can be signed and mailed or scanned. However, it is PREFERRED that the online forms be used.

This document describes what is required to apply for an Introductory Membership. It should be read by both the prospective member and their sponsors:
Introductory Membership Guide (pdf)

Online Forms – Preferred Method
The Introductory Membership application forms are now online:

PDF Forms
These forms can be downloaded, filled out and then scanned and emailed.

Member Directory Information
Once accepted as an introductory member, it will be necessary to provide information for the TLYCC Directory. This information can be provided here on the website, or by filling out the following information form: TLYCC Member Info Request  (Word)