The following pictures and documents provide background on the TLYCC Shoreline Preservation activities, starting with the initial request for proposals from local nurseries, through our latest activity. For reference, please view this file, which shows the shoreline and grounds as they were in 1975, updated in 2000.

To track the changes that have occurred to the point, we have started keeping a pictorial record of the changes that have occurred to the soil and gravel lines at the point.

TLYCC Point Scale Drawing
To scale drawing made by Roy Nichols, August 2009. TLYCC point.

TLYCC Point Plan
TLYCC Site Plan

Point Detail C
Detail for Site C

INITIAL Fall 2008 TLYCC invitation to nurseries to survey point for conservation
Mike McDuffie Letter
TLYCC_proposal_Mike_McDuffie Fall 2008
McDuffie_proposal_sketch Fall 2008

Proposed Changes to Shoreline
McDuffie Proposal Visual 2008

Shoreline report for members July 09
TLYCC RequestforBid.SiteC.2009 08 28
Pup 2009 shoreline report for members
Letter_to_conservation_donors-16 May2010
URS 2010 TLYC_Proposal

Shoreline Cross Section
Proposed Solution from TOTM (Tip of the Mitt)

TLYCC 2010 Shoreline conservation presentation (Presented 8/13/2010 at the Club)

Higgins Lake Restoration
The following pictures show a shoreline restoration project on Higgins Lake, courtesy of Huron Pines. The picture on the left shows the shoreline before the restoration. The picture on the right shows the completed project. Note the contrast to the unrestored shoreline up the lake.

Higgins Lake - Before Higgins Lake - After