Perpetual Trophies

Perpetual trophies are described in the TLYCC yearbook. The winner of a perpetual trophy keeps it for a year and the following summer returns it to the trophy case at TLYCC. Trophies must be returned at least one week before the August Trophy Awards night.

Perpetual trophies may have places for engraving on the trophy or on an attached plaque for engraving. If there is space for engraving, the winner of a perpetual trophy is responsible for getting her/his name engraved on the trophy, paying for the engraving, and returning the engraved trophy to TLYCC in time for the following year’s awards night.

If all spaces for engraving have been used, please notify the Trophy Chairman so that a new plaque can be ordered.

For flat surface engraving, contact:

Mary Manville
“Personally Yours”
512 N. Bridge St.
Bellaire, MI 49615
(231) 533.8468

For rounded surface engraving, you will need to go to Traverse City:

The Trophy Trolley
907 Woodmere Ave
Traverse City, MI 49686-4244
(231) 946-3410

Muggers Cups

Muggers cups are awarded to any TLYCC sailor winning her/his first race in an official TLYCC race. The muggers cup is usually a pewter ‘mug’ engraved with the person’s name, date of the race, and TLYCC burgee. The muggers cup is purchased by the winning person and/or family of the winner. Muggers cups winners are always recognized on Trophy Night at the end of the summer. The muggers cups can be given to the winner at Trophy Night if they have been purchased in advance of the event.


Some parents state they like to order from Hampshire Pewter –

Another good source is things remembered and their Pewter Glass Bottom Beer Mug

The cups are pewter, they do a great job with the engraving and have a several day turn around sending out the engraved pewter mugs (tankards).
They are helpful when called for advice as well.
TLYCC resource: check with Pete Comfort at who is very knowledgeable about ordering trophies!

If you have any further questions, please check with a board member.