Torch Lake High Performance Tennis – 2011

This summer the Torch Lake Tennis Academy is offering a high performance class for students who are looking for match play and tournament experience.  This class will be held at 9 am on weekdays from July 5th through July 16th directly after Tim Moore’s 8 am class. This year the high performance class will be instructed by Harrison Malone and Jack Hamaty, both of who have a plethora of tournament and match play experience at all levels of the game. If you are a tournament player, or are looking to become more match ready, this is the class for you. The high performance class will include the traditional drills and instruction offered every year by Tim’s clinic, but with more hitting and rally games designed to simulate a match play experience. If you are playing in the TLYCC men’s singles, boy’s singles, John Crispell, or any other tournament this summer this class will help you elevate your game so you are able to compete with anyone. Also, this class should be a lot of fun for anyone who signs up so don’t be shy!!!


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