Dining Room Survey – Deadline Extended!

The TLYCC Board of Directors has invited the membership to participate in a survey about their dining room experiences this summer.

Take the survey now! The deadline has been extended to October 5, 2011.

We feel like we have made great strides in the kitchen this year, but we do understand that there are some changes that the membership would like to see going forward and we are trying to accommodate as many members as possible. While it is not possible to incorporate every idea from every member, we do want to get as much feedback as possible to understand better what the membership as a whole would like from our food service.  PLEASE respond with compliments as well as criticisms. We do not want to change something that the membership is happy with.

If you would like to discuss concerns that you have, please use the Suggestion Box and a Board member will be happy to talk with you further.

Please be aware that the survey is completely anonymous.  The results of this survey, including the comments, will be shared with the membership of TLYCC.

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