WMYA Results

Four long time MC and C boat rivals joined forces to sail TO-0 at the Westerns at Crystal Lake. Masterminded by Ted Keller, the team consisted of Ted, Pete Comfort, Jamie Kimball, and Cam McNeil. The first two days had Ted up front and Pete in the middle, and Jamie steering. They ended tied for 1st going into Saturday. Jamie had a previous commitment, so Pete slide into the driver’s seat and Cam McNeil became the workhorse in the middle. Saturday the E’s have 2 races, and this is the day the regatta is traditionally won or lost. Jamie’s parting comment to Pete as he left was “Just get us in a position to win on Sunday. Well, while other contenders were self destructing, Ted, Cam, and Pete all but put it away, giving Jamie a 7 point lead going into Sunday. They were the only boat with all 4 races in the top 5,   showing very consistent sailing in very tough light air conditions. But  the boys still hadn’t won a race . Jamie took the tillers on Sunday and the team took care of that, winning the only heavy air race of the contest. It was a great team effort, very fun to watch, and a well deserved win. Congratulations!

Also Wade Lorimer did a fantastic job to come in 4th in a very tough Junior Butterfly fleet.

Ted and Pete also “duked it out” in the MC’s. Pete won the 1st race and was 2nd going into the last day, with Ted right on his heels. Pete had a tough Sunday and dropped to 9th, but Ted finished 3rd overall.

Congrats to Wade, Ted, and Pete for a great Westerns. Also thanks to Pete and Ted for all they have done for the sailing school  this year. I would highly recommend a private or group lesson for them. It will definitely help your sailing!!!

Complete WMYA Results

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