TLYCC Membership and Volunteerism

The following letter was sent out via email to all TLYCC members on March 12, 2012:

Dear TLYCC Member,

As winter winds down, TLYCC and the Membership Committee invite you to start thinking summer! TLYCC—A club where volunteer is a verb! TLYCC has long been a place of great volunteerism. We hope that all members can find a place to get involved.

Take a look at the new committee structure we’ve listed here. There are activities for those who sail, boat, tennis, golf, read, party, or just hang out. Check out the “On the Water” and “On the Shore” Activities. Each committee area has a description. Volunteers are needed in most areas and will be GREATLY welcomed and appreciated.

Introductory? Senior? Junior? Regular? We invite everyone to get involved.

See something you like or need more information? Email us back with your choice. Got a question? Call us and we’ll be happy to talk.

You can call:

Sallie Foley 734.223.9079,
Lath Keller 847.909.2878,

The COMMITTEES and DESCRIPTIONS are in the attached pdf: TLYCC 2012 Committees

Thanks for all you do!

Finally, Kevin Malone, the chair of the Membership Committee would like to share these thoughts with you—–


At the 2011 Annual Meeting Art Brereton closed his remarks with this thought:

“Go out and get someone you think is a good fit to join the club. This club, more than anything else is the sum total of its members. If you want to make a difference, nothing does more than this.”

The heart of our club is the membership. This seems self evident, but is a value easily forgotten, and the topic of this letter.

Our club’s ability to flourish over the generations is a direct result of our historic ability to attract a diverse group of members who have valued and supported the Club’s volunteer ethos.

Similarly, new members have always underlain the Club’s financial viability. The membership diversity we value is partly a function of affordable dues, to keep the dues reasonable we need a steady supply of new members.

The TLYCC membership committee has recently been re-constituted with a broader charter, and new faces. Our goals are to attract new members who will support our volunteer culture, move our current membership count (207 active, including 22 Senior, 14 Introductory, 40 Junior and 131 Active Regular) closer to our cap of 240, and help Introductory members acclimate to the Club more easily.

Our committee is writing to you to make you aware of who we are, to ask for your help in carefully growing our membership, and your assistance in helping new members fold into the Club family.

A few points on our membership policy:

  • Currently we have 207 active members; the cap is set at 240.
  • Membership policy has changed to accommodate our lower census and now allows for a REGULAR member to sponsor new members once each calendar year.
  • In the past there has been a calendar deadline for application. Applications are now accepted on a rolling basis, without a deadline.

Please give some careful thought to inviting new people to the Club. Feel free to contact any of us with questions on the Club’s membership policy, or comments on our process.

Art’s comments were right on the money; please help our efforts to strengthen the Club’s membership base.


The TLYCC Membership Committee:

Kevin Malone, Chair
Dan Crites
Sallie Foley
Will Forgrave
Libby Godwin
Julie Hamaty
Lath Keller
Sue Robert
Erica Schulze

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