Sailing Update

Sailing update for this weekend

Our first official weekend of racing is upon us, Please come down and either help, watch or sail! Everyone be prepared: THE WATER IS STILL COLD!!  Anyone who can come out and follow boat please do!

Skippers meeting scheduled for Saturday morning

Cancelled, we will hold it later in the summer in hopes to improve attendance.  Perhaps at the Soggy Pants Party stay tuned. If you have any issues  or concerns you would like to bring up please contact Pete or Steve Johanson.

Race Starters:

E- Bill Christensen and Christopher Estes

MC/BF- TBD, if anyone is interested in helping with MC/ Butterfly starting please contact Pete Johanson;

Races Scheduled:

Saturday: MC and BF Champ and MC Forgrave trophy 10:30.  E-Champ 1:00 2nd race to follow.

Sunday:   E-Champ 10:30.  MC/BF Champ 1:oo 2nd race to follow

Wind Forecast:

It is early for an accurate forecast but at present  Saturdays average is 6mph and Sundays average is 9mph, prepare for that to increase. The water is COLD.

Follow boats

ANYONE who can come out and help PLEASE DO!!  THE WATER IS COLD!!!!!!!!!!

Other Items:

District 19 Laser championships Harbor Springs Sat and Sun.

WMYA 2014 E-Invite is fast approaching please ask Casey Christensen if there is anything you can do to help.

WMYA 2015 Westerns: We need everyone’s help and will soon begin putting committees together.  Please Contact Pete Johanson or Casey Christensen to volunteer.  Planning meeting will be scheduled soon.

New Laser fleet announcement see below:


Laser Racing at TLYCC

We are planning to experiment with Laser racing at TLYCC this summer. We know of at least seven Lasers owned by TLYCC members and we also understand that several members have investigated purchasing boats. The Laser is an Olympic class sailboat raced throughout the world and will be raced at Torch when we host the Western Michigan Championships next year. Traverse City and Harbor Springs each have active fleets with weekly racing. We are District 19 and that championship regatta will be in Harbor Springs June 21-22. TLYCC has scheduled the following race dates and times for Laser racing this summer.

Wed July 2 2:00PM

Sat  July 5 4:00PM (after Es)

Sat July 26 4:00PM (after Es)

Sat Aug 9 4:00PM (after Es)

Sat Aug 23 4:00PM (after Es)

We would also like to experiment with a regular Laser race or clinic on Fridays at 4:00.


Want more information about the Laser and the International Laser Class Association: 

Need to add your name to the Laser sailors’ list or ask questions about TLYCC Laser Racing? Contact:


David “Griff” Griffis


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