Kitchen Update 06-30-2011

We would like to thank all of the members for their support and patience while we get the new kitchen and staff underway. We still have a few small projects that have yet to be completed and are getting appropriate certificates and permits. This all takes time away from doing what we are most concerned about and that is servicing the membership.

Bob Rodriguez is starting on July 3rd, and as soon as he gets his feet on the ground we will be really rolling. The staff has been working long hours to try and get everything up to speed as we get into July and August. We continue to “tweak” things as we get suggestions from members, while we cannot accommodate all requests right away, we are taking them all seriously and will review them all again at the end of the season.

LUNCH: Lunches have been rolling for 10 days and reviews of the food have been terrific. We are all
getting used to a totally new system and have been working out the kinks.

DINNER: Dinners will start on Wed. the 6th of July. The hours for Wed/Fri/Sat will be 5:30 – 7:30 pm.
You can show up any time during Dining Room hours. Parties of 6 or more MUST have a
reservation. For parties of less than 6 people, no reservation is required.

There will be 4 set entrees for each week, and a “special” each night. The entrees will change from week to week. We will post the menu on the Bulletin Board, and via listserve each week.

Family Night will be on Thursday at 6:30PM. We will ask members to bring pot luck dessert or salad, and the kitchen will provide entrée, vegetable, and beverage. Again, the entrée will be posted on the Bulletin Board and via the web site.

TO GO: We are still working on the appropriate permits to get the To Go started up. We are hoping this will be very soon and will keep you advised. To Go will consist of oven ready dishes, salads, soups, etc that can be picked up during lunch hours. Much more to come….

Saturday July 9th — This is the night of the TLYCC Auction! The club will be full of auction items and so full dinner service will not be available. We are working out details of food service for this evening and will let you know very soon.

ICE! : We now have bags of ice that you can purchase if needed. There are 7 lb bags and 20 lb bags,check at the lunch counter for prices.

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