Junior Members and Junior Yacht Club: TLYCC Rock Stars

Tuesday, August 10 was a memorable day in 2010. The afternoon began with over 30 junior yacht clubbers and junior members showing up at the point for 2 solid hours of hard work in the hot sun.

Sponsored by PUP and with the great help of adults: Janet Hoch, Susan and Jim Farrington, Julie Hamaty, Kelly Honer, Laura Lorimer, Sue Robert, Catalina Salas, Brent Solomon, as well as club staff Mike McCarthy, Casey Christensen, and Bill Robertson, a tremendous group turned out for a solid effort on the shoreline and point. Stones and rocks were hauled—over 100 wheelbarrows full. Dozens of invasive spotted knapweed plants were pulled and disposed of. I noticed a boy who could not have been more than 5. His name was Zach. He moved among the plants saying, “Queen Ann’s Lace is good. The purple flower is not.” And he would pull another spotted knapweed!

The kids shoveled rocks, hauled rocks, dove for rocks, and never once complained or stopped Several said to me—and this in the sweat and sun—“Thank you for this project. We want to do more to care for our point. We want this to be here for us when we are 30!”

You could not ask for finer, harder working, or more dedicated kids. I was impressed by every single one of them. Julie Hamaty was photographer and their picture will be up on our TLYCC Facebook.

That night, they all turned out for the Junior Yacht Club Movie Night hosted by Laura Christensen. Some 25 of them! Again, everyone pitched in and helped set up and take down the shades, screen, and reorganize the chairs. And thanked everyone at the end of the evening.

They are our ‘rock stars’: ages 5 to 35, they showed up and showed their worth. We have much to be proud of.

Next time you see a Junior Yacht Clubber, thank them for their work on our point. And they will turn around and thank you for showing them the way.

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