As you can see from these pictures, there have been some more dramatic changes to the point. This time, it is in the direction we desperately needed. Although we have lost some of our rock beach on the south side, we have picked up quite a few feet on the north side. If you compare to the pictures we posted from the big fall storm, this latest change occurred over the last few weeks due to wave and wind action from the southwest and west.

What is important to note, is that the dirt “yard” has a rock beach between it and the water’s edge. Although we have yet to get an expert opinion, I am hopeful that this means we can build our rock wave break further out from the border where the moving pebbles and the dirt land base meet. This fragile barrier is what needs to be protected, since Mother Nature can move the rock beach with amazing speed and efficiency. If our rock wave break can be built at this new water line,  Mother Nature  will have done some of the work we would have had to do ourselves. Again, we can only be cautiously optimistic until the experts give us their input.

A special thanks to Carl Stellin, who is not only actively monitoring the situation, but took these great pictures to share with all of us.

I hope to see many of you before the new year, either around the lake or on the slopes!

Happy Holidays!

Art Brereton

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