CALLING ALL Junior Yacht Club and Junior Members – Help Needed 8/10

On Memorial Day you planted 400 dune grass shoots. Many will ‘take off’ and grow next spring. A big crowd showed up to help.

We need your help again. On Tuesday, after the Butterfly race (usually ends at 3 PM), Sallie Foley, Susan Farrington, Julie Hamaty, Spencer Powell, Mike McCarthy and Casey Christensen will lead an effort to help the north shore of the point.

The North Shore of the Yacht Club Point was hit by a big storm in April this year. Result:

  • It not only moved the ‘rocks’ around (and we know they move every year)
  • It accelerated soil erosion, taking out about 5 feet of our yard. Not something we needed!

What did we do?

  • We got expert advice (see website for this info.)
  • Put in giant cocoanut fiber bundles (Called COIR bundles) that will trap sand and soil and help plants take root.

What next?

  • We need to fortify them with stones so that they have a better chance of making it through the winter ice and spring storms.

What can you do?

  • Come on TUESDAY, AUGUST 10 AT 3 PM.
  • There are plenty of jobs to do:
    • Bring a shovel. Load wheelbarrows. Help pile small rocks on top of the COIR bundles.
    • Bring a bathing suit and help dive for larger rocks by the swim raft. (Supervised by the life guard.) We will pile them in the Old Foley Metal Rowboat and haul them over to the north side to make a stone fortress in front of the COIR bundles.
    • Hate rocks? There is a weed on the point called Spotted Knapweed
      that needs to be pulled out. It keeps our natural grasses and dune grasses from growing. You can weed if you don’t like rocks

The point is: there is something for every one of us to do at the Point.
The Point needs you.

If you can’t make if because you are already back at work or school, send MESSAGE OF SUPPORT TO Sallie Foley–text 734.223.9079 or email I will print them off and make sure they are posted at the club that day for moral support!!!!

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