Butterfly Nationals Update

Terrific sailors, terrific team support!

Two weeks ago, TLYCC sailors packed up their gear, loaded into cars and headed for Glenn Lake and the Butterfly Nationals. Along with them, they took ten butterflies, Sail Instructor Casey Christensen and his hardworking sailing guru Pete Comfort.

And as in space flight, they were accompanied by a great ground crew of high energy and totally committed adults.

Our group sailed very well. Let’s give a cheer to all our sailors and their shore crew:

Casey Christensen
Charles Hallett
Jack Hamaty
George Hamaty
Tatum Hamaty
Lauren Honer
Robby Honer
Jake Honer
Luke Honer
Nick Kraeuter
Jon Kraeuter
Reed Lorimer
Wade Lorimer
Alex Manning
Lucas Manning
Tommy Nordberg

Shore crew and amazing house parents to the group:
Julie Hamaty
Kelly Honer
Catalina Salas
Laura Lorimer
Dan Lorimer

Additional amazing and cool stuff :

Pete Comfort did a great job of helping with rigging, coaching, and launching.
Casey did a great job as sail instructor.

Reed Lorimer took 2nd place in the Junior Butterfly Nationals and he came in first place in one of those races and came in first in one of the “Open” races!! Go Reed!

Thanks also to the great parents who came each day to cheer everyone on.

There is talk of Grand Rapids and the National Butterflies in 2011. Let’s do all we can to make this happen for our terrific sailors and their support team.

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