Butterfly Nationals – THANK YOU!

Torch Lake successfully hosted the Butterfly Nationals Last week.  We had 23 boats race in the Open and 38 boats race in the Juniors.  Hosting over 50 teams and their families takes a great deal of hard work and coordination.  By all measures it was a well executed, memorable event for all the sailors.  Thanks to all the volunteers for all their planning, execution and dedication to the regatta.  Some of the volunteers that played a key role in making sure the event went as planned include:

 Dan Lorimer, Eric Nordberg, Glen Hallett , Kris Hallett, Steve Johanson, Laura Lorimer, Bob Rodriguez, Barry Godwin , Tom Nordberg, KC Babb, Erica Schultz, Dave Schultz, Emily Hoch, Dan Crites, Monty Garratt, Dave DeTar, Lisa Powell, Lath Keller, Pete Johanson, Rob Nissly, Dave Varga, Catalina Salas, Laura Christensen, Dave Griffith, James Farrington ,Sue Farrington, Kara Thompson, Terry Malone, Kevin Malone, Cindy Nordberg, Nikki Nordberg, Cindy Hickman, Holly Gerrity, Brad LaPratt, Amy Keller, Alex Manning, Bill Christensen, Annie Lerew, Julie Hamaty, Catherine Crites.

 We also want to congratulate all the Torch Lake Sailors and their crew for a great regatta.

 Tommy Nordberg & Leeland Keller, Wade Lorimer & Dane Hatch, Zach Wiggins & Ben Keller, Simone Garratt & Parker Thompson,  Tatum Hamaty & Victoria Estes,  Julia DeTar & Hayden Keller, Sherman Thompson & Sophia Thompson, Mitchell Thompson & Sloan Soloman, Luke Honer & John Krauter.  Other crew: Eliza Thayer and Isabella Scalise.

A special recognition to our sailors that finished in the top 10 of each class.  They are as follows:


Reed Lorimer – 4th Open

Tommy Nordberg- 5th Open

Wade Lorimer- 6th Open

Zach Wiggins- 9th Open


Zach Wiggins and Ben Keller- 1st Junior

Wade Lorimer and Dane Hatch- 6th Junior

 If you would like to read more about this race there is a nice write up at http://www.butterflyer.org/index.htm

Thank you again to all who made this event happen!


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