Join us for a shoreline conservation update on Friday, August 13, 8 PM

Where: TLYCC after whitefish dinner —- Friday, 8 PM

What: A shoreline update about conservation efforts at our point


  • Spencer Powell, Intern, Grass River Nature Area and Member, Property Use and Planning Committee/TLYCC
  • Travor Wood, Design specialist for Site Planning, Charlevoix, (Mike McDuffie works for this company)
    Travor Wood has been in the business of designing shoreline protection since 1986 and has designed preservation of sites along Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix….the ‘big lakes’ with the kind of ‘fetch’ (think wind, depth of water, and length the waves travel before hitting the shore) that we have at TLYCC. He has visited TLYCC several times in the last ten years to assess shoreline dynamics
  • Sallie Foley, TLYCC board member. In 2008, Sallie joined the board and was asked to head the newly formed Property use and planning committee and to focus on improving our shoreline protection since TLYCC previously received a ‘not passing’ grade from Grand Traverse Watershed Council Shoreline Preservation Study

Bring your curiosity, your questions, and mostly, bring your love of TLYCC and our beautiful point.

Your Property Use and Planning Committee:
Peg Comfort
Erica Collins Schultze
Susan McLean
Alan Hickman
Rob Nissly
Sallie Foley
Terry Malone
Spencer Powell
Sheila Wicha

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